Eclectronica 74

Bruce Bickerton [aka alucidnation] treats you to some tasty aural morsels from his library of Vinyl, CD & Digital, tonight featuring Todd Hannigan, Susan Christie, Shelagh Mcdonald, Lubomyr Melnyk, Penguin Cafe Orchestra and more.

The Moon And The Melodies

Chiller Cabinet – Cocteau Twins

I can’t find any info on this mix from the time I made it. But here is some blurb about the brilliant album the show is wrapped around. From Last.fm:

“The Moon and the Melodies (1986) is the product of a one-off collaboration between the Scottish group Cocteau Twins and the American composer Harold Budd. The Cocteau Twins refused to sign the album with the band’s name and used their individual names instead.

“The album has the characteristic style — heavily-treated guitar sounds and strangely euphoric vocalising — that can be heard in the group’s other work from the same period, for example on the EP “Echoes in a Shallow Bay” or the album Victorialand. Harold Budd’s stylistic piano tonalities and phrasing on this project are echoed in his solo album, Lovely Thunder, from the same year.”