Eclectronica 8

Bruce Bickerton [aka alucidnation] treats you to some tasty aural morsels from his library of Vinyl, CD & Digital, tonight featuring tracks from Electrelane, 808 State, David Crosby, Paul McCartney, UB40 and more.


Chiller Cabinet – Philip Glass

I stole this from Last.fm as I couldn’t find the original show info. It’s basically a selection of some fine Philip Glass moments.

Philip Glass music is frequently described as minimalist, though he prefers to describe himself as a composer of “music with repetitive structures”. He is considered to be one of the most influential composers of the 20th century, and is described by his biographer, Tim Page, as “the first composer to win a wide, multi-generational audience in the opera house, the concert hall, the dance world, in film and in popular music — simultaneously.”