Eclectronica 13

Bruce Bickerton [aka alucidnation] treats you to some tasty aural morsels from his library of Vinyl, CD & Digital, tonight featuring tracks by Bon Iver, Superaquello, Coldcut, The Durutti Column, Skyphone, Gabriel Rios and more.


Chiller Cabinet – Trunk Records

Trunk Records was founded by Jonny Trunk ten years ago and has made a name for itself releases of much sought-after material from scores for cult films such as Deep Throat, Kes, The Wicker Man and George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead. Other releases include soundtracks for cult UK Television series such as The Tomorrow People, UFO, Bod and Vernon Elliot’s much-loved score for The Clangers. So with this decade anniversary comes a 23 track best of CD (all for a fiver) and there are even some unreleased gems to discover. The Chiller Cabinet raises a glass and sings ‘for he’s a jolly good fellow’ to Jonny and all at Trunk Records, nostalgia, cult tv, and library music doesn’t get much better than this….


Eclectronica 26

Bruce Bickerton [aka alucidnation] treats you to some tasty aural morsels from his library of Vinyl, CD & Digital, tonight featuring tracks by Dzhian & Kamine, St Etienne, Moondog, Mojave 3 and more.


Melodica: Ambient special

Chris Coco’s award winning weekly radio broadcast. An eclectic selection of brilliant new music starting with house and moving on to electronica, downtempo, acoustic and all sorts of other styles loosely connected to dance and electronic music. Let tastemaker Chris Coco guide you through his selection of the week’s best new music.

This episode… as a sort of homage to Laraaji, one of the great masters of ambient music, we go very deep and beatless with a selection of super atmospheric, mostly electronic music.


The Circle: Home Normal mix

Brought to you by Arctic Circle Radio, the Circle takes you on a one-hour journey based on the most simple and significant of shapes. Every Circle is unique; formed from a guest curator’s musical landscape and they all share the same revolutionary quality: each one ends at the point where it began.

Edition 24 – Mix by Ian Hawgood/Home Normal: I didn’t really have any great plan for the mix, just wanted to highlight how the year has panned out for Home Normal with some of my favourite tracks from the great releases we have been so lucky to put out. I also wanted to include tracks from our next five releases – these were supposed to be in the 2009 schedule but for various reasons, were delayed. The works by Konntinent, L/M/R/W, Chihei Hatakeyama, offthesky and myself are out in January through to February. I wanted to kick off and end with two tracks from my release as its a reworking/remix/collaborative record, starting off with some beautiful work with Fed


The Hut 34

Welcome to the Hut; a weekly velvety soft sonic celebration brought to you by Arctic Circle Radio. The Hut is a refuge, a cocoon of the finest in new music, spinning a warm glow from the outer-reaches of the snowy wastelands. Presented and produced by Ben Eshmade (with additional sounds and magic from Sone Institute), the Hut is a one-hour transmission from an intensely beautiful musical world.

Edition 34 with music from Mice Parade, How to Cure Dyslexia, Peter Broderick, Agnes Obel, Hannah Peel, Fuzzy Lights and Anna Rose Carter.

Presented & Produced by Ben Eshmade for Arctic Circle Radio

with additional music & sonic trickery by Sone Institute

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