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Contact pages for our shows, including track lists when available:
Ben Mynott's Fluidnation - just beautiful music, Mon-Fri 7-8pm, Fridays 10pm-midnight, Sundays noon-2pm
Bern Leckie's Simple City - acoustic music, Mondays 10pm-midnight
The Chiller Cabinet - ambience, movies and minimalism, Tues/Thurs 10pm-midnight, Sat/Sun midnight-2am
The Deep End - Paul Noble's eclectic electronica, Wednesdays 10pm-midnight
Alucidnation presents Eclectronica - Bruce Bickerton mixes up his amazing record collection, Saturdays and Sundays 10pm-midnight

Old show archives with more great ideas for chilled tracks:
Cool Climates, The Chillout Room, The Big Chill Garden Of Delights.

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