We used to make compilation tapes for ourselves and friends to chill out to. That's where the idea for our station came from, and we make it the same way we made the tapes - listening to lots of music, swapping ideas, seeing what happens when we mix together acts like Morcheeba, Air, Moby, Sigur Ros, Beth Orton, Goldfrapp, Emiliana Torrini, 4Hero, Bebel Gilberto, Massive Attack, Aqualung, Damien Rice and Jack Johnson.

Then some listeners got in touch at our friends page at suggested more, like Nouvelle Vague, Barefoot, Richard Pollott, Ken Peel, Orka Veer and Shine.

And now we’re joined by founders of the modern chill movement, The Big Chill, for two special hand made chill compilations each week, with track lists on The Big Chill site:
Pete Lawrence presents The Garden Of Delights, Mondays 8-10pm
Paul Noble presents The Deep End, Wednesdays 10pm-midnight

Could you join us and share what you’re into? Get in touch - we'd love to know.

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